Pasadena Attorney Donald Schweitzer: Where Best to Meet for Child Custody Exchanges?

Published on Mar 15, 2020

Child custody is among the most emotional of issues. Agreeing on the best place for the exchange of children isn’t always a small detail. In fact, it can cause some of the biggest problems.

Pasadena Certified Family Law Attorney Donald Schweitzer offers some experienced, practical advice is this video, one in his helpful series called “Don’s Desk.” The video series offers his insights into family law matters.

Schweitzer says there are many places where parents can decide to transfer their children, but the default location seems to be outside of the parties’ residences to avoid conflicts inside of the house.

The parties often meet curbside in front of their houses next to their cars, Schweitzer says, but also says this solution isn’t always realistic.

Sometimes the level of animosity is too intense, or the parties live too far apart to make this work. In those cases, meeting in the middle could be a commonsense solution.

And perhaps a good place might be the well-trafficked parking lot of a local supermarket.

But he cautions that when a party has concerns for his or her safety or believes the other party is likely to act out during the exchange, the safest neutral place could well be the local police department either in the station’s lobby or the parking lot.

Schweitzer builds on these guidelines with numerous details in the full video, seen above.

With his partners and associates, Schweizer regularly posts helpful and informative videos on their website and YouTube channel.

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